Recent news

I have a new piece at the JHIBlog, the blog of the Journal of the History of Ideas, a great space for engaging as well as rigorous thought.  I hope to maybe contribute something there also in the future.

Coming up soon, I’ll have a review of Horacio Castellanos Moya at The Millions.  I think it’s the most fun I’ve had writing a review.

Then, I’m writing a piece on the new biography of Joseph Mitchell, Man in Profile, by Thomas Kunkel, which the New Yorker has been making so much hay about this last year.  I’m not sure where it will appear yet.

Then there are some pieces on Lionel Trilling, which I will post here, Edward Mendelson’s new book, and Jonathan Franzen’s recent remarks on morality.

And some writing on old films I’ve been watching and rewatching lately: Double Indemnity, Passage to Marsaille, The Long Goodbye.  I’ll be starting a little movie review section here, too: Citizenfour will be up next.

Also hopefully I’ll be getting some reviews of the BBC’s adaptation of Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall out when it hits our shores in April.